Piliplus, founded in 2010, is the manufacturer of cultural and creative collectibles, as well as Internet content monetization supporter.

We cooperate with global creative brands, game developers, animation studios and content creators etc, We create unique high-quality collectibles - plush dolls, vinyl figures and more, which are at the leading level in the industry with strong production capacity and rich experience.

Over the past decade, Piliplus has set up two factories in south-east of China, with a total area of more than 5,000 square meters, about 200 employees, and a total monthly production capacity of up to 800,000 pieces.

Also, Piliplus focus on exploring global content creators, and provide a crowdfunding platform to support them realize content monetization. We provide full service, including but not limited to pre-sale of collectibles, post-production, transportation and customer service. Since project launch, we’ve released more than 2,00 limited-edition plush and figures, and have built an amazing community of creators, artists and fans that continue to drive our mission forward.

We believe that together, we can create the joy in anything.

  • Merch Supplier

    We provide OEM & ODM sevices for merches, such as plush toys, vinyl figures, etc.. No matter you have merch design or not yet, we‘re able to customize and create your unique merches. Over the past decade, we have numberous cases and rich experience in creation and production of plush toys, vinyl figures and other popular merches.

  • Content Monetization Supportor

    We also run a crowdfunding platform for content creators. Through collaborations with Internet creators, we enable the design and creation of high-quality, limited edition custom collectibles and experiences.

    Simply put, we are the easiest way to launch and presell a custom collectibles that engage Creator's fans and help monetize their content.

  • WeChat Stickers Collaboration

    As your partner in China, we assist creators/brands to operate and promote your original stickers on WeChat, which is the one of the most popular social media in China with 1.3 billion MAU.

    Via the Spead of stickers, we aim to expand the influence of IP image and help creators/brands increase commercial monetization capabilities.

  • KOL Marketing

    We connect global KOL with Chinese brands/ advertisers, helping them find suitable advertising and marketing candidates, as well as enable global KOL to monetize their traffic rapidly.

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  • Give and Be the Best

    We put our best into all that we do. From choosing the highest quality materials to our amazing customer service, we take no shortcuts in striving to provide the best experience and products for Fans and Creators.

  • Fuel Freedom and Individuality

    We enable Creators to express themselves through their products and bring a personal touch to their fans. We believe strongly in our ability to free Creators to continue to do what they love. We created a community-powered platform to bring fans together and for Creators to make a living off what they love to do the most.

  • Create Connections

    We encourage and facilitate meaningful connections between Creators, Fans, and the Piliplus team. We are more than just products. Piliplus provides space to connect, inspire, and participate with other passionate Fans and Creators.

  • Make Good

    We believe in making good with people, their communities, and the environment. Honesty, respect, integrity, and transparency are at the core of everything we do. Our supply chain is clean and fair.

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