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Al-Houlla Plush

Al-Houlla Plush


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Message From Creator

This doll is in memory of my great maternal grandmother, Mouza Al Houlla, who was the first tailor in my hometown, Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

It feels rather fascinating to know that my great family members were known for their handcrafts and creativity. The funny coincidence when I planned the design of this doll at first, it was based on a self-portrait, but after production, I was shocked to see the resemblance of my aunt Mouza in the final design… The aunt who was named after her grandmother, Mouza Al Houlla. So, I decided to name this doll “Al-Houlla”, to tell the whole world a story about a woman from the Arabian Gulf, who stood up for her dedicated work in her profession in the early 20th century.

I wanted to capture the beauty of the traditional Emirati look with a modern twist. The doll is designed in a way to not only be kept in a room, but rather use it as part of a fashion statement, to be hanged in a place to be seen and admired. My designs are usually warm and almost whimsical with a relatable female perspective, drawing strong cues from my childhood spent in the middle east.

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Product Information

1) Dimensions

Height: 20cm

(Some heights may vary due to hair, or additional accessories.)

2) Materials

Polypropylene Cotton

Plush Fabric (Ultra Soft Fleece)

3) Care Instructions

Handwash warm or cool only. Do not machine wash or dry clean.

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