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Nagomi Plush

Nagomi Plush


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Message From Creator

The Shichigosan-themed NFT collection "NAGOMI - WAFUKU Kids -", ​​whose artwork was created by illustrator Hiroko Yokoyama, has become a cute plush! I designed it with all my heart, wishing for the healthy growth and happiness of children.

Perfect for celebrating Shichi-Go-San or as a gift for children! Of course, for yourself!

I would be happy if the plush of "Nagomi-chan" could heal everyone!

If you are an NFT holder of "NAGOMI - WAFUKU Kids -" and participate in crowdfunding, you will receive a special commemorative NFT! For more information about the commemorative NFT, please check Yokoyama Hiroko's Twitter.

For more information about the commemorative NFT, please check Yokoyama Hiroko's Twitter.

Please support us so that we can deliver the stuffed toy version of "Nagomi-chan" to everyone!

* "NAGOMI - WAFUKU Kids -" is a sister collection of "WAFUKU GEN".


For more information about Hiroko Yokoyama, click here!


Product Information

1) Dimensions

Height: 25cm

(Some heights may vary due to hair, or additional accessories.)

2) Materials

Polypropylene Cotton

Plush Fabric (Ultra Soft Fleece)

3) Care Instructions

Handwash warm or cool only. Do not machine wash or dry clean.

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